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To send Light into the darkness of men's heart, such is the duty of an Artist - Robert Schumann

Artist Resumé

Born in Malaysia in an established family within the scientific world, there was nothing, or at least not much, in this environment to encourage Skaii de Vega to embrace the artist that burned within her or to have a career as an one. Nothing, except an overwhelming desire to create art since her most tender childhood, where she spent her days covering the too-white-walls of the family home with drawings of all sorts.


Going against all odds to escape her predestined life, she traveled from Asia to France and later, settled in Belgium. In 2011 she decided to finally give voice to the child who slept within, the inner child whose fingers were brushes and tears were colourful paint. Then, she painted her first work composed of geometric forms and spiritual symbolism. Henceforth, who was to grow to be Skaii de Vega was born.

Nourished by the surrealistic works of Magritte, Dali and Kush, Skaii developed her own brand of opulence and depth of meaning into her works. The elements represented in her paintings draw a sensual choreography of bodies, pure sexuality and rawness, yet mystery shrouds the symbolism of her subjects.

Over time, through self-taught experimentation and the need to evolve consciously, Skaii de Vega’s work implodes from a naïve innocence, transforming into a mushroom cloud of seductive maturity, images that lead the eye to witness the landscapes of infinity, into the hearts of men, where the human soul awakens in absolute brilliant clarity.

Convinced of the universal truth of the unified field that interconnects all that Is, Skaii de Vega often repeats: "Thank you Life, thank you Universe for all the good luck and the opportunities that were given to me." Yet all this good luck and opportunities would be for nothing if not for her perseverance and her innate talent, inspiring her to constant effort to spread her artistic wings, writing a new chapter in her life.


From the series entitled ‘Unnamed Goddesses’ dating back from 2012, to her most recent series, ‘Masterpiece in Evolution’, painting with oil on canvas has always been a predilection of the artist, however, she also creates on other medias such as in the Golden Baby series, ink drawings on paper embellished with veritable gold leaf.

-Translated from Olivier Loncin

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