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The Price

A sculpture built out of driftwood is a sculpture of many stories. Each piece of wood is unique, and might have travelled across oceans, survived massive storms before reaching its final destination between huge rocks or on a heavenly beach. When I look at the multitude of driftwood collected around the islands of Langkawi, I see the variety of surfaces, smooth and shiny on some, jagged and bleached white on others. I can only imagine the story of their life, from being part of a living tree somewhere out in this world to the small fractioned piece I hold in my hand. It’s funny, really, how I came to the conclusion that driftwood and ballet have so much in common. The price it pays to achieve something extraordinary, to become stronger through adversity.. a driftwood simply does not rot as fast and some become so hard, it seems they are fossilized. So, the idea took form in the creation of this particular sculpture that depicts the form of a ballerina. The ballet world too, is no bed of roses. Behind the utter elegance, the appearance of fluidity and ease, lies years of sacrifice and unending practice, facing criticism, and even enduring lasting physical pain and mutilation of a ballerina’s feet. The Price is my homage to both the driftwood and the ballerina. A manifestation of the arts -both in elegance and grit.

Dimensions : 170 cm x 70 cm x 80 cm

Material : Driftwood, epoxy resin and metal, Solar Powered LED lights

Stand : Langkawi Marble

ballerina white.png



Goldfinger  tells the story of how everything is interconnected within  a holistic mechanism. Where the microcosm is all but a fractal of the macrocosmic pattern, beyond the boundaries of our limited perception and understanding. How can we maintain an open eye and mind to this truth without being swept away by the frivolities of modern life and society? how do we stay positive, with the knowing that our vibrations create constructive change in our lives and of  the world's ? Goldfinger can show you the way. Just bend down into a down-dog and follow him down the white rabbit hole. Maybe there, you will find your answer...

Life Size Donkey Sculpture

Material : Resin, Polyester Fibre, Acrylic and Gold Leaf

This previous hotel desk has been saved from Langkawi`s trash belt. Completely refurbished to (almost) new state, and transformed into a unique design piece thanks to Skaii de Vega`s vintage collage and epoxy resin artworks.


Measurement : Length : 130 cm, Height : 80 cm, Max width : 56 cm

De ZeeGeit (The Sea Goat)


Material : Baby Goat Skull (Maui), Driftwood (Maui), Metal Mesh, Clay, Semi precious stones (Agate, Dragon Stone, Quartz), 24k Gold Leaf

Keldai Berapi

The Donkey has a Story, of a vision of our world today. We forget that we are part of nature and not above it, that with each child that is born, another baby animal/plant comes forth to share this planet with us. We share the same air, the same water, the same earth. Our fate is completely intertwined and one does not live without affecting the other. The carrots on the Donkey symbolizes the rat race we seem to be lost in as a society, forgetting the essential meaning of life on planet earth.

Life Size Donkey Sculpture

Material : Resin, Polyester Fibre, Acrylic and Gold Leaf

Bois Brulée

Dancing on the Roof


Size : 8 x 3 meters

Location : Brussels, Belgium 

Material : Tiles, Mirror, Glass Sand, Cement, Grout

Bois Brulée

  “How can we be so arrogant? The planet is, was, and always will be stronger than us. We can't destroy it; if we overstep the mark, the planet will simply erase us from its surface and carry on existing. Why don't they start talking about not letting the planet destroy us?” 


― Paulo Coelho, The Winner Stands Alone


Material : Burnt Cardboard, Metal Wire, Wood and Glass Dome

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